TAXIMOBILITY, software by NDOT benefits the Taxi Business with its unique features

A versatile and cost-effective taxi solution, bridging the gap
between taxi companies and their discerning customers

NDOT, an enterprise level IT firm that provides enterprise mobility to organizations of various statures creates world’s #1 Intelligent Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software ‘TAXIMOBILITY’ which bridges the gap between taxi companies and their customers. The product is a one-stop-solution for all the taxi businesses which is designed for its dispatch and deployment operations.

TaxiMobility has taken the technology advancement to a new level by providing one-of-a-kind cab dispatch software. The software is supported by high precision application attributes, stands ahead of its competitors and supports its customers with a taxi dispatch system that serves to accelerate elevated business results. The versatile and cost-effective software has various unique features in its applications.

The software extends an intelligent taxi management and dispatch software comprising of an effective mobile application to the entire segment composition of the business. The application used by Passengers has features like Split fare, fare estimate, extensive ride details etc. which makes the process of booking a taxi simple and quick. Managing trips, passengers request, letting street pickups, daily expedition reports are few of the features which are used by drivers. NDOT has designed its software, TaxiMobility in a way which is benefitting the Dispatch panel and Admin panel as well in the Taxi Business like real time updates, compliant features, efficient monitoring, handling transaction, reports and analysis etc.

Since time immemorial, hiring a taxi has been a frantic process. However, as recent as a few years, many IT companies have tried to simplify this process by introducing web-based solutions. The latest way being-through use of a Smartphone.

In lieu of this, NDOT has also created a product ‘TaxiMobility’ which is benefitting the taxi business in an enormous manner. Investment on Taxi cab mobile applications can be very beneficial for company as it helps in providing good returns on the investment within few months. The application provides flexibility to book from anywhere, anytime without any dependency on the location. Hence taxis booking mobile apps are the best convincing apps which are today preferred by both, company and passengers” says, Mr. Nandakumar, CEO & Managing Director, NDOT.

Few companies using TaxiMobility by NDOT to gain better business results are Q8 Taxi, iBookRide, LYNC Transportation, Edison Car Services etc.

About NDOT:

NDOT is an Information technology developer that provides enterprise mobility software as a service to organizations of various statures.

Founded in May 2008, NDOT is a Coimbatore-based organization with offices in California (USA) and Dubai (UAE). The requirement to build quality products that solve the way how companies communicate, collaborate and commute is what created a space for the organization to be conceptualized. NDOT originally entered the technology business with an aspiration to excel as a service-based company, however post analysing market requirements, transformed the business processes and started developing products.

NDOT builds Mobility software using various technologies (IoT, Big Data, Cloud and AI) and creates an intelligent mobility product that is self sufficient to manage operations and take decisions at scale.